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They're calling him Trooper — and for a good reason.

The injured full-grown male cat was rescued Saturday
afternoon after spending more than 24 hours frozen to
a driveway in Stephenville Crossing on Newfoundland's west coast.

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Gwen Samms of the Bay St. George animal shelter says
Trooper may have been hit by a vehicle or taking shelter
under the hood of a car that started up and injured him.

"It broke my heart," Samms told CBC News.

She freed Trooper and took him to a vet for treatment.
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TROOPER UPDATE - March 7, 2012
Via Gwen Samms
Trooper wants to say HI to everyone...
He is getting around much better BUT the
floors are slippery and sometimes he has a
little trouble standing....Now that he is getting
around more i will being going out tomorrow
to buy mats/runners to put all over Delores's
floors so he won't slide when walking....

Trooper says Hello to everyone.....

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Gwen Samms, manager of the animal shelter operated
by Bay St. George Society for Care and Protection of Animals,
is seen with Trooper on Monday, March 5, 2012.

VIA Gwen Samms:
This update is a couple days old,, Sorry but
I was really tired on Monday and forgot to
mention that I took Trooper to our vet for a
checkup after our tiresome trip back home..
I had some sleep and then took Trooper to
our vet in the afternoon to make sure the trip
didn't stress him out and make sure everything
else was ok as well..The checkup went great,
he was checked out by Dr. Boyd (once she was
able to catch up with him,lol).He was only interested
in checking out everything in the clinic at first...
This newspaper interview was done on Monday
at the clinic:
A real ‘Trooper'-click here for article

TROOPER UPDATE - Mar. 6, 2012

photo credit-Gwen Samms

VIA Gwen Samms:
Trooper decided to have a lazy day today...
Food ,naps and belly rubs ..He did do his
exercises and checked out a few more things
around the house ...I was at the shelter all
day but Delores did manage to get this pics
before the batteries in her camera died...She
was hoping to do a little video of him walking ..
She will try later after the battery is charged...
BUT i think these pics show just how happy
and adjusted he is...


TROOPER UPDATE - Mar. 5, 2012
Trooper's trip back to Newfoundland...And happiness.


VIA Gwen Samms:
Trooper has arrived safely..He had a comfortable trip
He is now here at Delores's..First thing Trooper did was
open the cupboard doors to see what Delores had for
him to eat..He had a little snack and is now going to be
settled in for the rest of the night. I am crashing right
here with Trooper. He is happy,,,,content and all settled in...

Gwen Samms and Trooper

TROOPER UPDATE - Mar. 4, 2012
Trooper has left the building- click here for article

Mar. 3, 2012 -
Via Gwen Samms
Because today is Saturday and the hospital
is closed (only the emerg. staff on) i am not
able to visit with Trooper BUT they did call me
with an update...Trooper is doing great and is
walking more..He doesn't want to sit still for
very long.....He is getting more and more energy
every day...I can't wait to get him back to NL
and all settled into his foster home..Which btw
is Delores...He will be staying at Delores's home
which is about 2 minutes away from mine...So
we will both be caring for him...At this point in his
recovery we are NOT even thinking about who will
adopt him..Trooper still as a way to go in his recovery
.....I would like to thank everyone showing this
almost lost little soul so much love from every corner
of the world....Cats are amazing animals and i know
Trooper can feel the love you all have for him...I truly
believe that along with the donations to get Trooper
here for the treatment he needed ,it was also the love
from his supported that helped him to continue to fight
to live and heal...From Trooper and SCAPA Thank you
all so very much...
We will continue to post pics and videos of Trooper's
journey of healing,health,love and happiness..


-Mar. 2, 2012

Trooper and his caretaker Gwen Samms are
returning home to Newfoundland.

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Mar. 2, 2012 via Gwen Samms
Trooper is doing great...He is
now out of ICU...Playing and enjoying the belly
rubs and being brushed....More news on Trooper's
condition......He had frost bite on his tail as well..
They waited as long as they could to see if his tail
would heal but it didn't so they did surgery yesterday
to remove most of his tail...He did well during the
surgery and doesn't seem to mind that he only has a
short tail now..I didn't mention this in my earlier
updates because we were waiting and hoping it
could be saved...

Feb. 27. 2012
VIA:Judy K. Profitt

Highlights from latest update from CBC TV:
TROOPER'S incisions are healing well...He will
have a problem with his bladder...He is trying to
stand on his 3 legs....TROOPER is purring...More
to come at 6 PM segment! :)) Issued live @ 5:15 PM, AST.

Gwen's Visit to See Trooper After The Surgery

Feb. 26, 2012- Trooper update via Gwen Samms

Hi everyone,,,Gwen Here....
Trooper had a great night last night...Eating great...
Yesterday he wasn't to willing to try to stand..Most
likely b/c he still thought he couldn't...BUT today he
is standing for a few moments at a time with the help
of the wonderful staff...He is willing to stand as long as
he can feel someone's hand touching him..That helps
him feel safer i guess..knowing that someone is there
to catch him if he falls...He is getting stronger every day...
The staff told me today that every time someone goes
close to his cage he stretches out his whole body and rolls
over for belly rubs (which they willingly give him) AND he
hasn't stopped purrrrrring all day....They have moved Trooper
to a bigger cage and said he is moving around which is
great ...trooper is no doubt a fighter and has the will to get
better..I haven't been able to see our sweet Trooper since he
had his surgery b/c they want to keep him quiet in ICU for a
couple of days BUT i should be able to visit with him tomorrow
...CAN'T WAIT....I will take pics of my visit with trooper tomorrow
and post them as soon as i can..Promise...The vets are pleased
with how far Trooper has come...So Please keep the prayers and
good vibes coming for our special boy so he can heal fast....

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Poem for Trooper
by Denise Asg Robertson

Sat there cold, afraid and alone
I thought to myself
Is this now home?
My heart to heavy,
Too frozen in time..
Was the fault in this all mine?

What had I done to stay stuck here,
Frozen in place but tied down In fear.
I'd lost all my hope, Crying “not fair!”
At the end of my rope I called out in prayer.

God help me now, I just need your love
I beg of you, send me a sign from above,
Not knowing an answer, I bowed down my head,
I heard a voice, I thought in my head

“Come little one, I’ll take you now,
Your safety and wholeness, that is my vow”
I let the tears spring, God heard my cries
An angel he did bring, Human form
With an angels face

I now know the meaning Of Amazing Grace ♥

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