DECEMBER 14, 2012

Meet Archie, the Stray Kitty that Jane Kostopoulos rescued who we are
fostering but we know we are foster failures already LOL! Archie, we believe,
was an abandoned kitty at our apartment complex. He is extremely friendly and
affectionate. I (Georgette) knew he was special from the first time I say him back in June

So friendly and VERY talkative. I bet he was trying to tell me to take me home!
It was always in the morning before I left for work when I went to check on him to
leave food/water (but he never ate though). Someone most likely has been feeding him.
Either the owner kept him outside or someone feeding strays. He needed to be neutered
bad (big ones - Archidia means "testicles" in Greek).. that's how he got his name Archie LOL.
Anyway, when I would leave for work after visiting he would follow me so I had to roll
pebbles/rocks to make him chase them back to where he was coming from.... then I had to
run away quickly before he sees me leaving.

Here is Archie's Facebook Page:
Archie The Kitty

We also rescued 2 more kitties and still trying to catch a few more. Here is a special group we
created with the details. Includes a lot of photos of Archie and the others including before and
after photos.

Here is their Facebook Page:

Rocky, Archie, Inky, Marbles, & the Strays At Our Apartment - N.Phoenix, AZ

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