Scarlett, The Cat Who Saved Her Kittens

Rest in Peace Scarlett.... You were one brave mommy cat and you will never be forgotten...."God Bless You & Eternal Be Your Memory"......


Light a candle for Scarlett

Scarlett Saves Her Family:
The Heart-Warming True Story of a Homeless Mother Cat
Who Rescued Her Kittens from a Raging Fire

Published in Hardcover by Simon & Schuster (October, 1997)
Authors: Jane Martin and Jean-Claude Suares

Scarlett Saves Her Family is the amazing true story of
the New York cat who miraculously rescued her five kittens
from a raging fire. It was a freezing March night when firemen
were called to a blaze at an abandoned garage in Brooklyn.
Pitiful meows alerted the firemen to five tiny kittens that had
been carried from the fire by their badly burned mother cat, who
would not rest until every kitten was safe.

The 10 heartwarming chapters capture the amazing frenzy that
Scarlett and her kittens generated. From the vets at the North
Shore Animal Clinic where the felines were treated to Oprah Winfrey,
thousands followed the story with baited breath. This wonderful
tribute to animal bravery is told from the perspective of rescuers,
vets, and the lucky new owners of the feline brood. The gorgeous
photographs speak a thousand words; the severly burned Scarlett is
barely recognizable as a cat, but later photographs reveal a healthy,
happy animal. The kittens grow from tiny burned bundles into
beautiful, fat cats. Scarlett Saves Her Family is an adorable book.
Unforgettable story of love and courage!

When I first learned of this true life account of a very brave
little mother cat, I was moved to tears. There is no creature on
the planet, human or animal, who does not fear fire. Scarlet put her
life at great risk, again and again, to save her five kittens. How
great is a mother's love?

Scarlet may be just a cat to some, but to me she personifies
everything a mother should be! If you care about animals, you can't
help but love Scarlet. You will be deeply touched by the many caring
humans who became intertwined in her little life. From the truly
compassionate firefighter, David Gianelli, to the woman who
eventually adopted Scarlet, you'll pleasantly savor and revel in
the goodness of mankind.

This book should be recommended reading in our public
schools because it lovingly teaches children compassion and
virtues. Though the photos of a severely burned Scarlet are
graphic,they poignantly illustrate the depth of her devotion and
willingness to suffer pain in order to save the lives of her babies.

I loved this book. I love knowing that Scarlet is forever
loved and cherished and has left a indelible memory in the hearts
of caring people everywhere.

If this book doesn't lift your spirits and make you feel like
there are still compassionate people in this world then nothing
will. It is a "can't miss" book for cat lovers -- or for anybody
who has a heart. It's the tale of the power of a mother cat's love
in saving her family of newborn kittens, and of the people who worked
so hard to help them recover. It is an inspiring story to share.

When I found out the book was out I just had to get it!
Reading about her and seeing the pictures of how she was so hurt
made me realize was a blessed cat she was. She went through hell to
save her family. If this book does not make you both cry and feel
great joy, then I wonder about you. Read this book, have your
children read this book, you will love it!

Several days after being rescued by his mother, "Toasty"
the last to get out of the fire, has passed away

Scarlett: Cat of the Century
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