(1991 - Feb. 14, 2009)

Light a candle

for Kingsford

Eulogy for Kingsford

Today, on Valentines Day 2009, I had to release Kingsford
from this earthly existence. His diabetes, even with five
years of insulin treatment, caught up with him. He had lived
18 years and had been with me through major life-events, such
as firings and unemployment and other existential moments that
I would have had difficulty facing without his presence. Lacey
is now my only cat. It will be hard to fill the spot left vacant
by the departure of Kingsford

Friday, he had seizures due to extremely low blood sugar. I had
given him his normal dosage of insulin that morning. However, he
had stopped eating. When he seized, I immediately took him to the
vet. The glucose treatment worked and I bought him home with medicines
and an IV. I gave him his meds, but he was not eating. No matter
what type of wet food I set in front of him, he would not eat. He
barfed twice, was listless, and would have accidents.

The X-rays showed that he had an enlarged heart, enlarged liver, and
small kidneys because of the scarring effects of the diabetes. His
blood test had shown abnormal kidney functions.

I could have kept him for a few months or maybe even a year, but
the kidneys would continue to decline and he would have suffered more.

I had to make the call and I feel like crap. An empty spot is now
in my heart and it will take time to fill. At least I have Lacey.

Message to Kingsford:

You were like a child to me. I loved having you around. You were
there in the best of times and the worst of times. Your consistent
presence helped me deal with lifeís pitfalls, the slings and arrows
of fate that all must face. You put up with numerous moves across
the country. You quickly adjusted to new locales and new additions
to the animal family. You tolerated my brotherís dogs Buddy (He
passed away about a year ago. He was an Aussie Shepherd), and Dingo
(also an Aussie Shepherd). Now your sister Lacey is alone. There
will be no more mutual grooming and sleeping in a tight little circle,
cradled to each other.

When you see Baby and Buddy, please give them my love. (Baby,
departed last year. My brother had agreed to adopt her when I moved
from Santa Rosa to Texas. When he moved down to Southern California
he kept her. When he moved, his friend who had three cats kept Baby.
She passed away last year in her sleep.)

It was hard to see you so ill. I could not have stood to see you
suffer. I felt it was best to let you go with some dignity. I did
not want to see you live in distress just so I could have you for a
few more months.

Kingsford, you will be missed. Your presence was a bright spot in
my life. At least I will have memories and photos to remind me of
you in my waning years. May you run free with Buddy and Baby.

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