UPDATE - April 1, 2015 - Wow. I googled Emmarie Robles and Flemington NJ, last known address on people search and came up with this. She must have remarried:

Then I searched Emmarie Velazquez on FB and found her! This is her!

In the past when I try to contact her she would block me. I need to find out what happened to Spanky and Herbie but how??????

2010 -
Georgette and I are very very upset. Emmarie, who saw our post on Craigslist, adopted our cats,
Spanky and Herbie on April 1, 2008. To move to Arizona from New York, we were only able to bring 3 of 5 cats and unfortunately, as hard as it was to choose between them all, it was Spanky and Herbie.

I've been in contact with her occasionally to see how they were and she told me every time that they were ok and getting old and lazy which I understood. Spanky should be 18 now and Herbie 16. I kept asking her for any new pics of them and she said she didn't know how to upload images. When she finally knew how to upload, she sent me pics of her new dog, a black dog, looking in a box. Emmarie said Spanky was in it peeking out at the dog. No sign of Spanky in the photo.

Feb. 23, 2010 - Are you ready for the shock???? Georgette went on her FB last night while I was hanging out with her in her room and Emmarie posted 2 pics, a gray and white cat, and a black a while cat and the captions said Spanky and Herbie. All the blood drain out of me and all Georgette said was holy shit! That's not Spanky or Herbie!!! She immediately responded to Emmaries post and 1 minute later the post and the images were deleted. I haven't heard from her since. Now I know for sure something happened to Spanky and Herbie and she's hiding it from us. I was crying and still am. This will haunt us for the rest of our lives not knowing what happened to them.

I made a special page for Emmarie with pics of Spanky and Herbie, and of the tiny little kitten
she is bottle feeding. I removed everything from the page and posted messages instead. Here's
the link and hopefully reads it.




Emmarie Robles is on FB but she blocked me a while back. I just emailed her.
I know she'll block me again.
This is here profile:

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